Moroccan Tea also known as Maghrebi Mint Tea, is a popular type of green tea enjoyed worldwide. Served either hot or with ice, the drink is traditionally served after mealtimes. A really simple, tasty drink to make, read on for further instructions on how to make a Moroccan Tea.

Moroccan Tea Image La Caf


  •        6 sprigs of fresh mint
  •        2 teaspoons of green tea
  •        2 tablespoons of sugar

Method (hot version – serves 3) :

  • Boil water and then pour half into a teapot. Add green tea, sugar and 5 sprigs of fresh mint into the teapot.
  • Pour the remainder of boiled water into the teapot, allowing the tea to brew for 4 minutes.
  • Once time is up, pour into your cup from a high distance. This helps to add some foam in the tea.
  • Garnish with more mint and enjoy!

For the iced version of Moroccan Mint Tea, replace boiling water with tap water and ice.

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